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Boldevs is a software development company providing excellent works. We are lending well to the clients. The services we are furnishing stands promising for the customers. All these because of our remarkable work. And also assuring the customers with their needs. Boldevs is not only a software company, a client’s friendly company. We stand for the desires of the customer. And satisfying the customer is the first most thing for our company. Whatever the job you are doing only perfection, matters. So we don’t hesitate to do the n number of revision. We are working with a good experienced and fresh crew. Coming to costumers satisfaction we are delivering the services with affordable fares.

Boldevs is an outstanding software company in furnishing digital services at reasonable prices. And also we didn’t charge the amount initially, after the completion of their work only we will charge the amount. We are at the primary phase of services. Our services are unique because we are traveling with the thoughts of the client’s and their requirements. And also the work we are providing is impressive. That’s why our main tagline is a unique and elegant service are dealing with the best-rated services throughout the world.


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We are providing good and best web development services. We are having a promising team for giving outstanding sites to the customers. To develop a good website it must be more responsive in all devices. Currently most of the work that is being done by mobile also. So responsive website for any companies even for start-ups also stands first.

The website must be free of disturbances this helps to lock the visitor’s ins e the site for a while. We are also providing websites for NGOs. Being a genuine company it is not enough to sustain in the present technically growing world. Standing best in the outside digital world is also required. So we are giving you the best services up to the mark.

There are a lot of services we are providing through graphic design.

• Logo design • Stationery design • Label design • Name card design • Brochures • Advertisement design • Calendar, magazine and menu designs • Resume design • T-shirt design • Greeting card, invitations design • Business cards and more...

A creative and informative logo design is the first attraction to the company. Communication through the design will help a lot. It is one of the easy to connect to the outside world. In spite of their education standards, everyone can easily understand the design. Showcasing our main themes through your design will reach to a maximum number of people.

Apart from the development and design promoting the work that you are doing is the most important thing in the competitive world. Promoting in the sense what is the work you are doing and how it helps to the respective people. We are providing outstanding marketing through various outlets. The first most thing is SEO, we are dealing with the best-rated content to your websites.

We provide you with a new and creative content that helps you to lift the market. Marketing through various platforms like social media one of the trending base in the world and also through emails. These are the key methods that you are following in digital marketing. In every aspect, we are mainly focusing on creative thoughts which helps you a lot.

We are also giving you the best application services which include both Android and iOS. Why these applications required? I can say that without the existence in the digital world you can’t fulfil any type of work in present days.

So that’s why we are helping you with the impressive look through applications in the stores. We are developing the apps for both the android and iOS.

We will use latest framework technology stack to give an excellent performance and elegant look to your desired app. Also, We Build both Android and iOS applications.

We are providing free consultancy services to the people. IT consultancy that is providing by us will help you to grow up in the business world. Today the world is digitally evolved by innovation.

So every type of business-like small and large must look beyond the thoughts to stand up. With all the key services should be carefully examined to get the best results. The main thing is that we are providing it for free.

The product management portal is a web-based program which is blended into a business website where they can monitor, organise and oversee their products in one space. This system is built to provide a user familiar background. And permits business to seamlessly modernize or create disruptions to their product contributions.

We will build a fully customized management portals. Attendance Management system, Clinic Management System, Hospital Management System and more. We deliver  all these products for a Reasonable price.